Monday, July 27, 2009

2nd time in double decker

19 July 2009

aha, this was my 2nd time in double decker.. my 1st time was during my last year trip to thailand camporee.. i dont really have special feeling during my 1st time in double decker as it was at night, we can hardly see anythg out there>.< this time i was quite exited at 1st especially my seat was the at the 1st row!!! the view was sooooooooo clear!

this time i was alone in the bus... i just realised although i have been in kl for so many years.. i didnt really sit quietly and look at the scenery out there... now finally, i have the chance to do so... isnt the old railway station nice?

ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! typical scenario that would happen in KL this BIG city=.=" well... i know i could hardly see this scene after i pursue my study in AIMST, that's y i stil look at it whole heartedly haha i bet kl man will laugh me siily!!!

ps: this kind f seat-- 2nd floor 1st row of double decker... try ONCE is enough! BELIEVE me! guess what? the SUN!!! the sun is burning my skin arond 2 or 3 pm! i'm sweating man!!! siao>.<


lly said...

haha...although the seats of second floor first row are hot but they look cool hehe