Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the BEST piano teacher i have ever had!

2day... she told me a lot of things...
she always tells me... her husband always asks y can she talks so much to me?
we talk most of the time during class...
talk more than piano haha...
bt i enjoy it!!!
2day, after lesson, we discussed about emo, 感性...
cause she realised i'm quite 理性 beside emo
talk and talk and talk.. suddenly i mentioned about my dream...
studying overseas...
she is the only one that gives me hope!
she suddenly sit down and sang a song to me... "God will make a way"
the lyrics... was so nice!!!

God will make a wayWhere there seems to be no wayHe works in ways we cannot seeHe will make a way for meHe will be my guideHold me closely to His sideWith love and strengthFor each new dayHe will make a wayHe will make a wayBy a roadway in the wildernessHe'll lead meAnd rivers in the desert will I seeHeaven and earth will fadeBut His Word will still remainHe will do something new today
and of course my teacher's voice!!! so nice~

she asked me nt to giv up my dream... she told me...

"yesterday i prayed for you, i asked god y suddenly u appear in my life? y jia nee entered my life like dis? we can talk so much! there must be a similarity between us! i am your teacher but i wan to be more than that, i wan to giv u something, that can help you in your life! jia nee, pray to God, He can listen to you, He can see your tears! :D"

then a big and tight hugged i received from her!!!
so warm!!!

"oh jia nee, actually i wanted to sing a song for u [colours of the wind] but the God seem leads me to sing that song to u which is more meaningful haha"

2nd song... wow!!! her voice is so touching!!!
i cried again...
teacher.. i know u try to giv me power:)
i can feel it...

i sent a sms to her.. she replied"i love you too"
awww.... melted!!!

suddenly realised, so many ppl praying for me...
they really love me i know dat!!!
i knew i possessed the real hapiness..
that's my life and i am sooooo satisfied with it!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

my 1st folio in taylors:D

3th April 2009, Friday

finally... our folio is done!!!
oh man.. i've been waited this moment for so long...
this is the 1st time i feel i am so useless being a group leader!!!
the whole folio...
i dun wish to mention again.. i think aik zuan..
you can understand my feeling most right? wakaka:D
seriously, i really have to thanks my group members...
especially aik zuan and yun ying!!!
aik zuan i think you did the most for the folio you should be the LEADER!!!
and for yy... u'll oways be with me^^
i'm so sorry for every bad temper that i've thrown to you:(
today, i feel so happy...
3 of us stay back till so late..
doing the folio together... i like the feeling.. doing work together!!!
and chuan fu... he is not our group member and yet he still stay back accompany us:D
the most important thing.. he asked me to mention he is very handsome in my blog..
he insisted me to do so.. so i just forced to do so haha!!!
i just love all of you... for being with me all of the time!!!
thanks dears!!! muacks!!!